"I've never met a man who can resist my ass," said Joclyn Stone, who debuted in 40Something #171 and calls herself "The OC MILF." "OC" is for Orange County, California, where she lives. "You wouldn't believe how many times I've heard guys say, 'Oh, her ass is too big,' but when I offer it to them, they're always takers." Joclyn often gets the same first reaction to her hairy pussy that she does to her big ass. "Guys say they're into shaved these days, but don't believe it. Guys are into pussy, and I've never had a guy say to me, 'I'd fuck you if only you'd shave your pussy.' No way! Shaved or unshaved, they want it!".

"I love having big tits. It makes me feel like more of a woman," Porsche said. "And, of course, there's the added benefit of them looking so good in tight clothes, and that always attracts attention from men." Porsche has no trouble attracting attention. "None at all, and it doesn't matter if the guy is young, old or middle-aged, they all seem to love my tits. Young guys always love a busty MILF, and older guys become like little boys when they play with them, which is great for me. I love having my tits played with, and I never have to ask." Porsche is a sexual woman. She's a swinger who enjoys going on swingers' cruises. She's into group sex. But there's one thing she hasn't done. The one thing that Porsche hasn't done that she wants to do is.."DP." Uh, what are you waiting for, Porsche? "I know, I know! All I'd have to do is snap my fingers and I'd have two guys ready to stick it in my ass and my pussy in a minute.

"I don't have sex too often," Faith Morgan said. "Maybe five or 10 times a week." Okay, Faith. That sounds like a lot. "But it's never enough," said this 49-year-old housewife from North Carolina (she was born in New Mexico). Even when she's cleaning house or taking care of her kids, Faith always has sex on her mind. "When I'm really horny, especially after I take the kids to school, I like to go back to bed and fantasize about all the hot moms and dads I saw," she said. "As I get older, I seem to be getting hornier. And that's definitely a good thing!".

The outfit that Calliste is wearing for at least part of this photo set will look familiar to those of you who watched Part 2 of her visit to 50PlusMILFs.com. It's the one she picked out in a lingerie store and decided to wear out the door. By the time she gets back to our studio, Calliste can't wait to get her hands (and her mouth) on some cock. And the rest is history. This chick really knows how to fuck, and if you ask us, she's a better lay at 50 than she was at 48. But that's not surprising. Don't miss Part 4, the video version of Calliste's fuck-and-suck, at 50PlusMILFs.com.

"I went through an exploratory sexual time when I was in college, then it slowed down as I got older and then married," Liz said. "I was loyal to my husband, and we had a normal amount of sex. But now I'm back to my old self, so to say." What goes around, cums around, right? "You could say that. But I never thought I'd be fucking on camera!" "I'm not your typical anal slut," Liz said, laughing. "I don't have a big ass, but I have a tight ass, and I love to have cocks in it. Of course, that's something I didn't discover until I got into porn. I'm glad I discovered it!" So are we. "It's exciting to be in front of the camera doing things that would shock many people," she said. "So I love it in my ass. What's wrong with that?" Nothing at all!

"I swallow. It's not polite for a lady to spit," said Southern belle Charley Rose, a sexy swinger from Tennessee who's making her first appearance in 40Something. "I'm also multi-orgasmic. The more passionate the sex is, the more powerful my orgasm." "I dress to kill, so to speak," she said. "I love to dress sexy with dresses, heels and nylons. I enjoy wearing corsets, waist cinchers, garters and sexy lingerie. I've found that leaving on my waist cinchers and corsets is sexier when I'm modeling or having sex than taking it all off." Judging by these photos, we're not going to argue with that. Although don't worry; Charley will be naked in a frame or two. "I have sex whenever I can and as often as I can," she said. "But there's a difference between sex and making love.

Born in England, now living in Las Vegas where she works as a personal trainer and dancing and fitness instructor, 50-year-old Sasha Samuels debuts at 50PlusMILFs.com by hopping into the hot tub and riding cock. "My favorite exercise is sex," Sasha said. "Done well, it burns the fat off." Sasha, who's married, is into nipple clams, bondage and blindfolds. Her fantasy is to have "two cocks at the same time, one in my pussy and one in my ass." She wants to be in an orgy where she's the center of attention, but she's not a swinger. "I'd like to have two cocks inserted in my vagina at the same time," she said, although she didn't explain the logistics of the act. If you love tight-bodied MILFs, Sasha is perfect for you. We love how her tight pussy stretches around the cock, as if that slab of meat she's riding is gonna split her in half. "It definitely felt that way," Sasha said. "And I'm not complaining!".

For over 30 years, Jillian, 54, lived a very unfulfilling sex life with her husband Brett. During the days, she tended to beds as a nurse. At night, she tended to a very lonely bed as her husband rarely initiated sex with her. Finally, it took a doctor and his unorthodox practices to open Jillian's eyes to what she was missing out on. "They hired this new doctor at my hospital," she said. "He was a younger guy with some different theories about how to take care of patients. One of his beliefs was that rectal thermometers were the most accurate way of taking a patient's temperature." You can guess what happened next. And now that she's divorced and come to realize that she's an anal sex lover, Jillian doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. "Getting divorced was hard on me, but it was necessary," she said. "I'm looking for two guys now so I can have two cocks at once, one in my pussy and the other up my ass.

Here at 40Something, we hear about sexual awakenings and reawakenings all the time. Something happens when a woman turns 40. She starts doing things that she had never dreamed of doing before. She starts enjoying sex more. But 66-year-old Bea Cummins from Kentucky has a different story. She always knew she loved sex. Just not with her husband. She was trapped in a marriage with a man who did nothing to satisfy her..until she decided she'd had enough. Now she's modeling for 40SomethingMag.com. Better later than never, we say.

In real life, Valery is a massage therapist, and that's enough to get our hearts pumping and our dicks hard. But in this fantasy setting, she's the uber-sexy secretary who works in your office. The guys are always checking her out, and she knows it. When she bends over the copy machine, she bends lower than she has to, gets her ass a little bit higher in the air, because she knows she's making your day. She's making it a lot easier for guys like you to come to work in the morning because you can't wait to see what Valery is wearing today. Or not wearing, because little by little, Valery's clothes come off, and your ultimate fantasy is fulfilled. "Come on, baby," she says. "Show me what you've got." She's not referring to the company's annual report! "I am a massage therapist, and I know what my new, male clients are thinking when they see me for the first time," Valery said. "They are thinking, 'I would like for her to give me a happy ending.' I do not do that, but I have definitely thought about it!" Valery's massages are deep and sensual without being illegal. There's a good chance you'll leave one of her sessions feeling strangely relaxed but hard.