"I love big cocks," said Las Vegas divorcee Cassidy. That might sound like bad news to those of us who are not-so-well endowed, but it's not. You see, Cassidy is only 4'11", 92 pounds which means.. yeah, you guessed it: Even small cocks feel big to her. "I once was having great sex with this guy, and I screamed, 'Oh, your cock feels so big in my pussy!' When it was done, he said, 'That's the first time I've ever heard that.'" Cassidy has D-cup tits, so we're guessing that of those 92 pounds she's carrying around, about 10 are on her chest. "Most of the men I've been with love short-and-stacked girls," she said. "I have big breasts, and there's something about me being small that makes them seem even bigger. I guess it's like it is with cocks. Cocks look bigger on smaller guys." Cassidy said one of the best things about being small is "I can fuck any place I want. I'm a multi-time member of the Mile-High Club.

You've met this woman before. She's the woman who was trapped in an unhappy marriage for too many years. The woman who wondered if her sexual side would ever have the chance to break free..or if she would be caged forever. Fortunately for her-and for the rest of us-52-year-old Lacey Westin broke free. This 5'8", 144-pound, athletically-built brunette is finally living out her sexual fantasies..part of which includes getting naked in front of the cameras for our viewing pleasure. We're glad she picked 40SomethingMag.com for her debut.40Something:Are you a swinger, a nudist or both?Lacey: Most swingers are usually nudists. We're all exhibitionists. We're all comfortable and confident in our bodies, and we feel good about ourselves. The thing is, I'd wanted to get into that lifestyle for a long time.

Bad news for Margo Sullivan. The bank is foreclosing on her house. Most people would panic. Not Margo. When the bank shows up at the door, Margo's wearing a little see-through number that her tits poke right through. Hmmmm..maybe Margo can work on an extension. Before long, Margo's got her mouth wrapped around the guy's nut sac and her tonsils are massaging his cock. But Margo knows it's going to take more than oral to hold off the bank. It's gonna take her pussy and..her ass. Her secret weapon! Will Margo's master plan succeed? You'll have to wait for the video to find out.

"I've never sucked a guy who didn't cum faster from my smoking blow jobs," said Lacey Grant, who has entered the swinging lifestyle since making her debut in the December '07 issue" to her pictorial in that posting. "Some guys might say they don't like women who smoke, but I've never heard a guy say that while I was sucking his cock and blowing smoke all over it." "The first thing I do when I give a smoking blow job is light up the cigarette real sexily, then blow out the smoke real slowly," Lacey said. "Then I'll take the guy's cock out of his pants, inhale the cigarette again, then blow puffs of smoke on it. By this time, the guy is always rock-hard and he's practically begging me to take him in his mouth. So I take another puff of the cigarette, open wide to take his cock in my mouth and let the smoke float out of my mouth and all over his cock while I'm blowing him. That's when a lot of guys cum." Lacey is a very kinky lady considering that she's a housewife and mother. She's a house dancer in a strip club and is proud of the lap dances she gives. "Most guys shoot a load in their pants before they have a chance to get a second song," she said. "That might be bad for me money-wise, but it's a great boost to my ego. And that's what counts.".

My day, Sage is a sales representative for a major soft drink company. But on weekends, she likes to dress up in kinky outfits, looking for men to bring home and fuck. "I think it's pretty impressive that I've managed to keep my job for so long considering that I come in just about every Monday morning having spent the weekend fucking. And when I say fucked, I mean high-energy fucking." We love Sage's pink pussy, we love her ass, but we really have our eyes on those long, thick nipples. "I've always had big nipples considering that my titties aren't very big," she said. "My nipples get real hard real quickly when I'm turned on. Guys love sucking on them and since it gets my pussy so wet, I don't stop them. It feels even better if they do it when they're fucking me, drilling my pussy and sucking my nips." "Most people at work would probably be very surprised to see me doing this," Sage said. "I mean, I'm a very conservative, professional dresser at my job. I tend to wear dress pants and button-down shirts and short heels.

Here, Natasha, a 45-year-old divorcee from Southern California, is the customer service rep who services one of her employees. Now, Natasha knows how to look professional, but she also knows how to work her pussy. We can imagine her as the ball-busting boss, but then it's easy to imagine her as the ball-sucking boss, too. If you get the chance, check out photos #12, 13 and 14. Natasha is bending over to suck the dude's cock, and we love how her panties peak out from underneath her skirt. Clearly, Natasha came to work dressed to fuck. And fortunately, someone took her up on it.

Here's Raquel Sieb on the same tennis court we saw her gracing last issue when she made her 40Something debut. Except this time, she has a partner. An instructor, actually. You see, like we said last time, Raquel doesn't know how to play tennis. And by the looks of things, she's not going to develop into an ace any time soon. "I can't play tennis but I sure can suck cock and fuck," she said. "I say stick to what you're good at, right?" On-court anal is a skill that has been mastered only by the all-time greats, and Raquel is ready to join them. She knows that to be an ass-fucking winner, she needs to take it harder and deeper, all the way to the bottom of her asshole. "I love getting fucked in my ass," said Raquel, who can be seen enjoying her favorite sex act in the DVD Fuck My Old Ass 2. "Getting fucked in the ass on a tennis court was fun.

When we told Sasha that, at 40, she's the youngest woman in this issue of 40Something, she laughed and said, "I'm just a kid, huh? Well, I'm sure I could teach even your oldest models a little something about pleasing men. I'm not trying to sound conceited. I just put a lot of effort into it." Sasha said she keeps a touch of hair on her pussy because "I don't want my husband to forget that his wife's a redhead when he's eating my pussy. It's one of those things that sets me apart. I've thought about growing it out all the way just for the shock value, but I like a more clean-shaven look. Besides, I like to look down when I'm fucking and see my husband's cock going in and out of my pussy. I'm a very visual person." Sasha is very easy on the eyes, and video of a cock going in and out of her red muff is coming to 40SomethingMag.com. "My husband doesn't mind," she said. "We're swingers, anyway. He gets off on watching other men fuck me, and this is the ultimate in voyeurism because not only is another man fucking me, but so many guys will be watching it, too." Barefoot Sasha hops up onto the desk and spreads her ass so we can get a good look at her gaping holes.

"I was really ignorant about sex," said Nikki Reed, a 41-year-old divorcee from San Diego. "Since I have worked full-time my whole life, I really didn't have women friends to confide in. My husband didn't know Jack shit about pleasing a woman. And then I was raising my kids, and who had time to think about sex or anything else during those years?" But then Nikki found out that since the third year of their 21-year marriage, her husband had been cross-dressing and moonlighting as a drag queen in gay clubs. Even worse, he was having an affair with a man named "Tina." She filed for divorce the next day. The minute it became final, she laid out plans for her new life. "I thought about all the things that I hadn't done and that I was going to make time to do now. And the first thing on my list was to have an orgasm. I went out and bought my first toy and a bunch of pornos, maybe like 20, and I think I spent about four days in my bed, watching dirty movies and cumming over and over again until my pussy was so tender, I couldn't fuck myself anymore. That was when I discovered that I liked to have something in my ass.

Brand-new, hard-bodied MILFs are always welcome at 50PlusMILFs.com, and we're proud to present Lani Maru, a 54-year-old piece of ass who was born in Maui, Hawaii. Lani's a housewife (our favorite profession), and she's now living the middle-America life in suburban Michigan, where fucking strangers in front of a camera is definitely frowned upon. And, of course, that makes this even more exciting, for us and for Lani. Now, you might look at these pictures of Lani and think, "This girl's had a lot of dick in her life." But you'd be wrong. "The first time I had sex was on my wedding night," she said. "It was great but only the beginning." Some details about Lani. Her athletic body is no accident. She ran track in high school and says her hobby is exercising. Her favorite teams are the Dallas Cowboys (football) and the Detroit Pistons (basketball). She isn't into any kinky stuff. "I just love sex," she said, and she has a fantasy that might sound tame compared to the other women on this website.