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"I never shaved my pussy and I never plan to," said 54-year-old first-timer Josette Lynn. "I've never been one of those women who does things just because they're fashionable, and there's no reason I should start now. I've never been with a man who didn't appreciate my full bush. Most men get instantly hard when they see it overflowing my bikini bottom." If you haven't been keeping track, unshaved pussy seems to be making a comeback, and that's not surprising. What was in-fashion yesterday will be out-of-fashion tomorrow. What's uncool today will be chic next year. It's the same way with pussy as it is with clothing, hair styles..everything. "A year ago, one of my girlfriends looked at my pussy and said, 'Josette, you have to shave that hairy thing!'" Josette recalled. "I said to her, 'Honey, just you wait. Besides, you look like a little girl down there.

Here's a first for A girl-girl- or is that woman-woman or MILF-MILF-scene. We know that mature women want more cock, but we rarely talk about mature women wanting more pussy. Of course, Georgette Parks, who has had very little pussy in her life (but a lot of cock), sucked on an 18-year-old's pussy while getting fucked in a recent posting. But this is different. There's no cock in sight, and both women are mature. We have Katia (the blonde), who's 56, and Waya (the brunette), who's 45. And both women are very much into pussy. Now, Waya isn't 50something, and when we shot this video, we were planning on posting on But response to 50something Katia (both in her photo/video postings and a recent members poll) was so overwhelming that we thought you'd appreciate it. Katia is definitely a contender with Georgette for the title of most popular model on So, what do you think? Would you like to see more girl-girl photos and videos on Let us know!

Door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesmen still exist? Really? We thought that was a relic from the 1950s, maybe the '60s when women stayed home while their husbands were away at work and never had anything on their minds but keeping house and cooking dinner. Ah, times have changed, right? Well, kind of. Apparently, vacuum cleaner salesmen still do exist. But when they knock on the door, Mrs. Wilson doesn't answer wearing a frumpy housedress. No. Ms. Craves answers wearing a see-through top and a short skirt. She asks about the vacuum's suction ability. Turns out she sucks better.

By means of introduction to Trisha, a 53-year-old wife from Lakeland, Florida (born in Wisconsin), we present this statement from her worn-out husband: "Trisha and I met in 2000, and when we started dating I told her let's take it slow and get to know each other before we take the next step. Well, on our second date we ended up back at my place to chat and have a drink. Trisha waited about 10 minutes before dropping her jeans and showing off her beautiful ass. My cock got harder than granite in seconds and, she sucked and fucked my brains out. It didn't take me long to figure out I was going to marry a raging, out of control nympho whore who just can't get enough cock, cum, pussy and sex." How's that for a testimonial? And here's more. Trisha is 5'3", 120 pounds. Her measurements are 36C-25-35. When she's not fucking, Trisha works in what she calls "bikini pool care." That means she cleans pools while wearing itsy-bitsy bikinis. "I love sucking and swallowing loads of cum," she told us. "I love to fuck well-hung black or white guys." For her first scene at, we sent Trisha one of our biggest: J-Mac, who's tool is long and wide. When she saw him, Trisha licked her lips and said, "He's gonna fuck my ass, right?" Of course! And Trisha took every inch.

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You've met this woman before. She's the woman who was trapped in an unhappy marriage for too many years. The woman who wondered if her sexual side would ever have the chance to break free..or if she would be caged forever. Fortunately for her-and for the rest of us-52-year-old Lacey Westin broke free. This 5'8", 144-pound, athletically-built brunette is finally living out her sexual fantasies..part of which includes getting naked in front of the cameras for our viewing pleasure. We're glad she picked for her debut.40Something:Are you a swinger, a nudist or both?Lacey: Most swingers are usually nudists. We're all exhibitionists. We're all comfortable and confident in our bodies, and we feel good about ourselves. The thing is, I'd wanted to get into that lifestyle for a long time.

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